I am a strong leader, a father, a grandfather, family man, a community organiser, former business owner, retired 40-year police officer, still serving 35-year soldier with Australian Defence Force as leader and mentor, former 35-year union official, organiser, executive leadership and industrial relations advocate for the powerful Qld Police Union and Logan, particularly Division 12’s, best hope for a clean, safe and strong experienced leadership. Courage to lead when others won’t.

Axel Pfuhl for Logan for Councillor  Division 12 for 2020


How Can You Help?

We need a NEW Start for Logan but it won’t work without your help. Join Axel for change as a donor, volunteer or both and help make a difference!

By donating to Axel Pfuhl, you are making a direct contribution to his campaign to win Logan City Council’s – Division 12 – in the quadrennial election on 28 March 2020. Donations are accepted via PayPal or direct deposit to the Qld Police QBank. You do not need to set up an account or log in – just click the Donate button below and follow the prompts. By donating to Axel Pfuhl you declare you are not excluded to donate as per the Prohibited Donors Scheme.

Government Election Is On 28th March 2020










As a father of three and grandfather of ten. Married for 43 years I understand all the trials and tribulations of family life.

My long-term occupation taught me about blended , dysfunctional families and Axel understands the modern family today.

Axel particularly is committed and dedicated in helping all forms of family


Axel is concerned about the future of our children as traditional jobs are disappearing over the next ten years because of technology and automation.

Axel understands that urgent programs are need for our children, so they don’t get left behind and must be mentored to be job-ready with world class skills.

Axel has worked at the highest level of education at Griffith University, Logan, and understand the challenges our children are going to face, and he has a solution.


Axel is a demonstrated supporter of diverse and disadvantaged people taught to him in the Police Service for 40-year of service to the communities.

He knows that for our diverse community of 217 cultural groups needs to be provided with equal opportunity which is why the City of Logan is successful, it is in danger of being poorly lead if the wrong public official is elected.

Axel will continue to commit to ensuring all our community resources are properly managed, funded and supported.


Although Axel was a 40-year public servant and leader in the police service in Logan, he also owned and operated a small fitness business for two years with partners. Axel understands the challenges business faces with a fast-moving world.

Axel also has extensive experience with government in lobbying and advocating, from his time in the Qld Police Union and Manager of the Beenleigh PCYC.

Axel is committed in the long-term health of business in all its forms,  in Division 12 Axel is laser-focused on building a tourist industry in Beenleigh.

WHY am I running for your Councillor for Division 12?


Like all other residents, we are all sick of being betrayed by self-interested politicians in our community by ruining Logan’s reputation.


Sick of trusted politicians who abuse our trust, and our money that we pay in rates and fees. It is hard enough as it is to get ahead for our low income residents.


Logan residents deserves more respect.


Logan residents deserve to know what our council are doing – no secret meetings.


Logan residents and commerce deserve to be heard.


Logan residents and commerce deserve local economic opportunities.


Logan children deserves education and mentoring into job-ready opportunities.


Logan’s communities deserve to feel pride in their community, city and council leaders.


Logan residents and commerce deserve a clear of corruption council.


Logan residents and commerce deserve a good Mayor.


Logan deserves good honest, passionate and hard working councillors who love their division.


Logan residents and commerce deserve Axel Pfuhl for Logan for councillor Division 12 for 2020.