Why Choose Axel?

Beenleigh’s 40 Year Veteran Police Officer (retired) & Soldier

“My parents and police /military mentors instilled in me the value of hard work, service and above all responsibility for our ourselves, our community and our future.”

While openness and accountability are usually considered cornerstones of a democratic system, the act of casting a vote for the right candidate, like Axel who has tested and proven demonstrated honesty.

If elected, he will take ultimate responsibility of all the residents and their families to be our Guardian, Advocate and Protector of the D12 Community, Logan City Council.

A Strong History


The Why

I look at what is going on in this city over the last few years and particularly recently, when our entire public officials in council, are sacked because of their alleged misconduct and corruptive behaviour.


Fundamentally, we have to change this current culture, as to the way this local government – Logan City Council, operates.

  • To lead by example
  • To make decisions for the right reasons and not because we are trying to pad our own pocket or the pocket of someone else.
  • Zoning and development should be made on the basis of what is good for our community here.

NOT because of so and so and who is going to get rich, who is going to benefit.


What Is Really Important?

 We ought to be making decisions about our new linked bike and pedestrian pathway system between all our parks and along our riverside, based upon what is good for our people of this city. That we ought to be investing in, those things that enhance the quality of our life, for all our people equally in this community.

I am running to improve our quality of life; increase the safety and security of our streets, park and playgrounds; and give the people of this city a better, cleaner government where no corruption is tolerated.

Corruption is a cancer. When it is tolerated it spreads. What’s happened in our city is proof.

I will take the lead in legislating a new code of conduct for our public officials, with amble input from the public, with hearings the council is required to attend in the first 100 days of office.

I will advocate for a better and safer system for any bonafide whistle-blowers or complainants, and ensure they are protected while any inquiry is conducted. I also will be on the hunt for any person or persons who indulge in any nefarious relationship between the city’s vendors and members of the council.





  • Professionalism – striving for excellence in everything we do.
  • Loyalty – commitment to each other and our community.
  • Integrity – doing what is right – morally, ethically and legally.
  • The strength of character –  to honour our convictions (moral courage) & bravery in the face of personal harm (physical courage), to act in the best interests of our family and community
  • Initiative – to explore opportunities and embrace innovation to improve our community and service to the nation.
  • Innovative – to introduce something new; ideas, to make progressive changes in anything established.
  • Teamwork – to support each other, our community, other agencies and all partners in striving to achieve the mission.
  • Respect – for himself, his family, his colleagues, his community, the first nation community and history of service to his community and nation.




ROADS, rates, rubbish and recreational parks– the usual domain of a local government.

All candidates will promise residents of Logan City for new improvements, new look for efficiencies to bring cost of living under control and improvements to council services. Axel is no different and he will tackle those issues as a matter of course and his first priority, as your elected representative. So, no change there for the residents from any of the candidates.

This is where you, as the resident, are looking to your new elected representative for that extra. The over and above commitment being offered and be satisfied of their ability to deliver those promises.

Axel offers you first and foremost, proven 40-year integrity, that is so lacking in the Logan City Council’s of the past.

Axel offers his 40-year proven professional public service experience, including his 35-year Police Union experience in Industrial Relations and Public Policy.

He has successfully raised, debated and negotiated with interagency authorities including Departmental Heads and Ministers of State Governments and got results.

The other candidates lack this advantage and at this time of establishing, a brand New Logan City Council, with the new mayor and 11 councillors, is critical for D12 to stay competitive, when trying to lobby for a fair share of the Logan City Pie, when it come to D12’s needs and priorities.

Axel is seriously concerned that the current popular trend and attention towards Yarrabilba and Flagstone, by the both Palaszczuk Government and their appointed [not elected] Logan City Administrator, Tamara O’Shea. Of the bulk direction our economic resources are being channelled to these two boom areas, at the expense of D12’s needs.

Axel fears that when the new Logan City Council is elected on 28 March 2020, that this will continue, and Beenleigh will be low on the priority tree on getting things done for D12. Axel will ensure that D12 interests are not forgotten and will be relentless in making sure D12 economic development is not forgotten.

When Axel moved his family and commenced working in D12 in 1977, he has been in the front row seat and observing, Beenleigh’s ever-so-slow growth, in population and business. This was attributed to the opening of the Pacific Hwy causing all traffic to by-pass visitors from Beenleigh, that subsequently demolished the retail industry and jobs.

Residents would be aware that the ABS census figures give us an insight into the size of the place and its rate of growth over time periods. According to the ABS census from 1991 to 2016 census Beenleigh only increased its population by 689 residents over 25 years. Indicating Beenleigh truly had become a backwater town.

Axel is determined with the aid, guidance and direction of the D12 community, to change that once and for all.

Axel’s vision of transitioning Beenleigh including Eagleby and Mt Warren into a Super Town status, building on the back of the previously approved Beenleigh Summit recommendations to bring a significant population and business growth into D12 over the next 10 years.

That’s the challenge.