Support Axel for Division 12

 The leadership we need

The Issues


Review and legislate LCC code of conduct

Axel, if elected, will in the first 100 days advocate with the new Mayor and other 11 Councillors to future-proof the Logan City Council even further than the State Government has done so far.

Axel will seek to legalise the Code of Conduct even further to include early warning triggers into all council processes so that any government official who is tempted to corrupt behaviour will be identified sooner than what has existed in the past.

Axel will also seek a further review of all Logan City approved plans and recommendations from the previous council including any changes that the current Administrator has implemented. This is to ensure that no one interest group who rely on the council are strategically favoured over any other, like  developers versus residents’ interests.

Re-Activate existing approved projects
Since the removal of our previous council from office, and the current Administrator has continued in delivering all the services required by the residents of Logan City.

Major Projects have stalled such as the 2017 Beenleigh Summit recommendations.

Axel will re-activate these projects and upgrade any knock-on projects within the first 100 days if elected.


Greater Whistle-Blower Protection and Processes

Axel with his extensive experience with handling witnesses and whistle-blowers, who bravely come forward to report any unacceptable behaviour, he is better positioned to seek a well tried system of checking witnesses or Whistle-blowers, and if confirmed instigate for their protection and anonymity.

Axel also seeks to formalise a whistle-blowers process that can not be tampered with and ensures any illegal behaviour is dealt with swiftly, to reduce the stress these issues cause.

Axel also seeks to have remedies in place to respond to those that raise vicious and vexatious complaints if found to be to false.


Improve and enhance “Safe Logan” Program

In addition to Axel’s extensive history as our true local Cop (retired) in D12 during his 40-years posting. He is very aware of what crime and safety issues need addressing.

Axel also has reviewed the latest LCC, 2019 Safe City Logan community survey Key findings report.

This report presents the key findings from the Logan City Council Safe City Logan community survey conducted from 1 September to 30 September 2019.

There were 5 main priority Action Issues that needed addressing to make our city safer. Axel if elected will quickly launch into these issues within the first 100 days of office.

More CCTV in Division 12

The installation of new CCTV safety cameras is aimed at reducing crimes and anti-social behaviour, as well as boosting the community’s confidence and safety when they are out and about in the beautiful parks we have throughout  D12 and greater Logan.

LCC has already planned new cameras to be strategically located in parks that have been identified as having community need due to ongoing or increasing safety concerns.

Under the Logan Safety Camera Program Axel will go further and in addition pursue CCTV installations in ALL 8 parks in D12 for maximum effect for public security and anti-social behaviour. Axel wants and believes everyone wants to feel safe in our streets.

More Police bike and beat patrols

Axel’s long history working with the QPS in Logan City affords him the opportunity to re-connect with the Logan Police District Chief and staff.

He would seek to raise an MOU [Memorandum of Understanding] to review the current policing strategies and negotiate the implementation of Beat and Pushbike Patrols in D12 particularly in Parks and heavy public attended areas.


Link Network of pedestrian & bikeways trails within all of D12

The issue in Logan is that there are very few safe, comfortable bicycle facilities for people to get to where they need to go. Even for a reasonably experienced rider, it is difficult to find easy comfortable routes. What we need is for Logan City Council to develop a cycling network across the city which caters for all ages and abilities.

Former Logan roads chairman in January 2019 pledge the LCC would invest $2.7M towards a bikeway system.

New Festivals – Art, Food & Drink Precincts

Axel, if elected through the NEW Logan City Council, is going to grow your lifestyle so you can do more of what you love.

Axel intends to support and improve the amount of Markets in D12, such as the new Zarraffa’s Melbourne Style Markets at Eagleby, and the Beenleigh Market Square to name the first two.

Axel also seeks to push the art community as a centrepiece to Beenleigh Super Town future tourism, with the introduction of an International annual festival and re-invigorate existing events.

With 8 major parks around D12, with a new one at Mt Warren Park, this will help create more reasons for residents and tourists to enjoy our facilities, all the time, we’re helping you connect with D12 and Logan’s great outdoors.

We’re delivering more outdoor gyms, aqua parks and better pools and libraries.

We’re creating more to see and do in a clean and green Logan.


To follow the lead from Brisbane City Council it is Axel’s vision to have WiFi and Charging Station in the major parks in D12 and Logan City.

It creates and promotes a more connected and accessible City. Axel would pursue a trial period with the new council to have WiFi and Charging Stations installed into Parks and public spaces such as Libraries and Beenleigh Market Square.

If successful, then Axel will lobby LCC to share this new way forward in promoting Logan City Lifestyle.

Anyone can access our free Wi-Fi service with a Wi-Fi enabled device, including:

  • personal computers
  • video game consoles
  • mobile phones
  • MP3 players
  • personal digital assistants.
Imagine you can take the kids more often to play in the park, while mum or dad can catch-up on their social media, and never power down. (time management+ lifestyle)

The Vision

Our residents deserve safe places to eat, play, walk and enjoy our city.


  • I will seek through advocation to increase the size of our police force and neighbourhood foot patrols.
  • Add additional cameras to monitor high-density areas, parks and playgrounds.
  • I would like to see an increase in police bike patrols in our parks, especially on weekends.


A safer city increases the quality of life for those who call Logan home, but there are other matters which should be on our agenda.


  • A city-wide trail system for the enjoyment of all.
  • A concerted effort to upgrade and expand our park system, with WIFI available in all locations and charge stations.
  • We can and should revitalise and introduce new annual festivals across our city.

To improve our quality of life.


To make ours a safer city, to enhance the quality of life for all who live here is my mission and cause. Also, to ensure that our people of this city have a government they can trust.

When I retired from the police department after 40 years of service, I had looked forward to some time off, or so I thought.

Instead, I found myself called to serve in a different way, believing that our government can do better by those who live here.

That by restoring the trust we once had in our public officials, and making a concerted effort to improve the safety of our neighbourhoods, and the quality of life of those of life here that we, together, could make the City of Logan a better place to live and raise a family.