The Mouse That Roared

There was a time later in my career I had cause to arrest a young lady for a minor disturbance matter. She was distraught upset, and I could sense she was at the end of her tether. She pleaded and used all her emotions that she could muster to try and get herself released. She then started to offer information and tried to convince my colleagues and me about some people she knew, who were committing serious crimes.

My colleagues dismissed her.

I did not. I sensed her pain. I felt her passion. Unlike my fellow officers, I listened.

As I checked the information she gave me, I found everything she had told me to be true. The criminals she was giving information about included her husband and his family.

After I prepared the case file and handed it to my superiors, who usually take charge and finalise the investigation.  I was shocked and surprised to be asked to lead the operation and I accepted the challenge.”. We executed a lightning pre-dawn raid simultaneously on six properties. We found millions of dollars worth of stolen equipment, drugs and enough guns to start a war. The entire family syndicate was closed down and the ring leaders went to jail.

My colleagues learned something from my example. They became better listeners, and because they did our police have been able to shut down these kinds of problems before they became calamities.