There was a point in my career as an officer, that I really dearly wanted to be a part of the police union leadership because I wanted to fight for better benefits and conditions for all police officers’ in Queensland.

I got my dream one day when I was honoured to be elected and appointed to the executive of the powerful Qld Police Union, responsible for the entire South East Region of Qld.

I loved it, I lived it, I obsessed with it, such was my passion to righteously serve my colleagues and the citizens of Queensland. Then there came the day when I discovered that there was some hanky-panky going on with some of the union leadership. What they were tolerating was a practice that is not illegal, but one I considered totally unethical.

There were union company cars that had reached there used-by-date and they were supposed to be auctioned for the best price, and the money raised to be returned into consolidated revenue for the benefits of the members. I discovered that the head of the union wasn’t doing it that way. He was selling the cars to some of his trusted executive members and staff of the union for a much cheaper price than what could have been raised by auction. Thereby denying the union members the full amount of the sale of the cars.

I objected and said this is not right, the cars could have attracted more money and would have increased the return for the members. I stood there and insisted we do the right thing. I found myself quickly excised from the union leadership and removed by stealth off the Executive Committee. It was the saddest day of my life.

The only solace came when I got up the next morning and looked into the mirror to shave, still proud of the face I saw in the mirror.